2014 - TOKYO

The Radiance of Stillness and otion: Bohemian Glass

from the Collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
August 2nd (Sat.) to September 28th (Sun.), 2014
...more than 47.000 (forty-seven thousand) visitors!!!

August 2nd (Sat.) to September 28th (Sun.), 2014

Catalog No.: 170.

"Mirror Man" Scenes from performances 1996–2010
Stanislav Müller (artist), Radka Müllerová (video)

For some time in the arts, glass substances have not only appeared in the form of objects but also
been used in various installations and performances, and in videoart. From 1996, the robotic,
somewhat unearthly "Mirror Man" by the artist Stanislav Müller (b. 1971) has been moving in various
environments. The artist uses it as a kind of sociological probe into how people perceive difference.
Stanislav Müller and his wife Radka Müllerová (videomaker) currently live in Toyama.